Floral Preservation

Infinity Bouquets specializes in preserving flowers and your once in a lifetime moments, from wedding bouquets and other memorabilia, dance corsages, funeral memorials, baby blessings and christenings, and other unique life events. Infinity Bouquets will preserve your flowers and creatively place them in a custom frame or display case. This extraordinary display will become a key centerpiece in your home, filling it with love, joy and happy memories for years to come.

For the Bride Who is Planning Ahead

We require a reservation at least 2 weeks in advance. This allows us to come to your reception to pick up your bouquet the day of the wedding. Our courier service is available within a 20 mile radius of our Escondido location. All accommodations can be handled by phone and require a small deposit and pickup fee.

Last Minute Bride?

Has the wedding already happened? It’s not too late! Call us for instructions and a same-day appointment. There still might be hope – even after your wedding! The fresher the flowers, the better the results, so please contact Infinity Bouquets as soon as possible.

Keepsake Design

Creating a personal keepsake design is fun, and a personal choice! We have beautiful ideas and lots of examples, plus hundreds of frame choices to help you create a one-of-a-kind keepsake.

Freeze-drying your flowers is a six to eight week process. While your flowers are being freeze-dried, visit our galleries for keepsake ideas. Please allow five months from start to finish for your keepsake to be complete. To see frame and mat options, click on the links below:


Bubble frames range from $699

Shadow boxes range from $799

*Pricing includes flower preservation, frame, and design. Pickup fees, tax, and some surcharges and upgrades not included.

Pressing your florals is one of our specialties. This is also a slow art process as we use an unconventional method of pressing. We have become experts in pressing and freeze drying your flowers, alleviating any chance of mold while leaving gorgeous colors and textures compared to traditional pressing. Make sure to discuss with us which flowers will be able to press and which ones will not press well! Please allow at least three months commissioned pressed keepsakes to be complete.

While it may seem that the colors are amazing, these are organic and natural. We do not color enhance the pressed florals unless it is requested by the client. With that said, over time, your pressed keepsake will patina with your marriage!

You can visit our Floral Preservation Shop for pricing and more info. If a frame is not listed, we can work together to customize your style with our framing experts.

Floral Shop



Infinity Bouquets was founded on a love for flowers and creative design. My goal is to work with you and give you a truly amazing personalized service so the details will not be missed. I enjoy working with couples looking to preserve their special memories for a lifetime.

I grew up in a small beach town, San Clemente in Orange County, CA. Throughout my childhood I was obsessed with flowers. I would pick wildflowers and arrange them for my mom. I even took a floristry class in high school for extra credit! I took my passion and eventually graduated with a degree in Hospitality Management.  I have coordinated weddings and events, and designed wedding florals since graduating for over 10 years. In my spare time, I am an avid runner and lover of travel–which means you may just find me running on the side of the road, or spot me on your honeymoon!!

I hope to meet you soon. Enjoy my site!