What is the Process?

Infinity Bouquets uses the Freeze-drying process using specialized machines.  When flowers are placed in the frozen chamber (which is -30F) they will freeze in their original shape.  Shrinkage is only about 1%, so they really are much the same size as when fresh. The basic principle of freeze drying is the removal of water from a specimen. Several Pre-treatments and Post-treatments are used to strengthen and protect the color as best possible. Each bouquet is photographed/tagged prior to freezing. The flower heads are then removed to be placed into the freeze dryer for optimal results. The end result is a near perfect preservation. We treat each flower head individually and recreate the bouquet into the display of your choice. There are many ways to dry flowers such as air drying, kiln drying, silica gel, and heat and vacuum drying. These types of drying of flowers may retain color nicely at first, but will lose intensity with age. During the freeze drying process, there is very little cellular collapse.

What Kind of Flowers do Well?

Most wedding bouquet flowers are great for the process.  There are a few we do not recommend such as bouvardia and daisies (Gerbaras are ok for our process).  Succulents are also very difficult to dry, however we have had much success.  It is best to ask us about your flowers beforehand if you have any questions.

When do I Contact a Preservationist?

We recommend placing an order before the event in order for a courier to pick up the flowers from your location.  This ensures as little damage as possible and a better end result.  Many weddings, memorials, and events take place later in the week and on weekends.  It is common for the preservationist to receive the flowers the following week.  Since many of the florals are not stored properly, the flowers may be suffering from heat and lack of moisture.  These stressed flowers may be soft and limp.  Flowers in this condition will not freeze dry nicely.  If preservation is an afterthought, it is best to cut the stems and hydrate the flowers and place in a cooler–not a freezer, until they are dropped off to be freeze dried.

Do I Need to be Local to Southern California?

We accept flowers nationwide.  Please email or call for instructions.

How Long Will it Take to Complete My Keepsake?

The floral preservation process is similar to a commissioned art and takes 14 or more weeks to complete.

What Forms of Payment do you Take?

We accept cash, Venmo, check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.