Floating frames and pressed flowers

 This year I’ve noticed increase in requests for pressed flowers  within frames.  To conserve time, I’ve begun using tiles to press the flowers as I freeze dry them.  This has seemed to be the most successful method which entails pressing it in the freezer while they are moist and plyable.  A few days of this and I would place them in the freeze drier.

Freeze drying gives the opportunity to lock in the beauty and original color of the flower as it is pressed.   Check out my photo gallery for examples of my efforts.


The Sunflower Project

Sunflowers are perfect for this time of year if you ask me.  They are the perfect accompaniment to the season and provide just the right pop for your accent area.

Here are some sunflower wedding ideas if your special day is coming up in the fall season:

I love the idea of having Sunflower seeds because it provides a sunny disposition on an already bright marriage! Sunflowers are so cheerful and happy, maybe you want to provide some cheer to your wedding guests?

You can put them everywhere, not just on your tabletop or within favor sets.

I envision a bounty-themed wedding with rich burgundy and/or dark oranges.  Mini pumpkins could accentuate the tabletops.


How to Kill Flowers Professionally

I go by a lot of names—wife, mom, preservationist, entrepreneur, Julie…just to name a few. The one that sticks out the most though is Professional Flower Killer. I didn’t come up with that name. It was more my daughter’s idea. Of course, she didn’t say I was a killer, but close enough!

She was talking to one of her friends from school and her friend asked where I work. At first, she said, “my mom works at home.” And I was taken aback—I am not a stay at home mom, not that there is anything wrong with that. I do make my own hours and am home when my girls are home. This is the benefit of having a home-based business. Unfortunately, sometimes it is confusing for my girls since they also like to barge into my office daily while I’m working! How am I supposed to get any work done or talk to my clients?

So how does a 6 year old explain floral preservation? She tells her friends that I kill flowers of course! It made perfect sense. I do kill flowers, albeit, in more technical adult speak, I dry flowers with a freeze dryer and that process gives a beautiful end result. A near perfect dried flower that resembles the original fresh flower. The flower will not mold or turn an ugly brown. It lasts for years. I purposely take fresh flowers and dry them for my clients to give them a memento from their most special memories.

Hence, I am now known in certain elementary circles as the Professional Flower Killer.


What is Pavé Preservation

Pavé is a term from Old French and was primarily used for jewelry…”A setting of precious stones placed together so closely that no metal shows.” In regards to floral design, it is much the same. It means a tightly packed display of flowers face up and with no background showing through. Shadowboxes in the Pavé design are generally smaller than other keepsakes. They may have “Fences” or dividers for accents. I have included a couple of pictures from pinterest of pave style keepsakes so you get an idea. These can be designed with an invitation or picture, or without. Let me know what you think!

Carnation Nation

Carnations are the birth-flower of January. According to Birth-Flower.com and the Farmer’s Almanac, carnations express love, fascination, and distinction. Depending on color, they have different meanings. With a history that dates back more than 2,000 years, it’s not surprising that carnations are rich with symbolism, mythology and even debate. While some scholars suggest that their name comes from the word “corone” (flower garlands) or “coronation” because of its use in Greek ceremonial crowns, others propose that it’s derived from from the Latin “carnis” (flesh) referring to the flower’s original pinkish-hued color or “incarnacyon” (incarnation), referring to the incarnation of God-made flesh. White: White carnations indicate pure love and good luck; striped symbolize a regret that a love cannot be shared. Red: Light red carnations represent admiration, while dark red denote deep love and affection. Green: Green carnations are for St. Patrick’s Day, of course! Pink: Pink carnations typically symbolize a mother’s undying love.