How to Kill Flowers Professionally

I go by a lot of names—wife, mom, preservationist, entrepreneur, Julie…just to name a few. The one that sticks out the most though is Professional Flower Killer. I didn’t come up with that name. It was more my daughter’s idea. Of course, she didn’t say I was a killer, but close enough!

She was talking to one of her friends from school and her friend asked where I work. At first, she said, “my mom works at home.” And I was taken aback—I am not a stay at home mom, not that there is anything wrong with that. I do make my own hours and am home when my girls are home. This is the benefit of having a home-based business. Unfortunately, sometimes it is confusing for my girls since they also like to barge into my office daily while I’m working! How am I supposed to get any work done or talk to my clients?

So how does a 6 year old explain floral preservation? She tells her friends that I kill flowers of course! It made perfect sense. I do kill flowers, albeit, in more technical adult speak, I dry flowers with a freeze dryer and that process gives a beautiful end result. A near perfect dried flower that resembles the original fresh flower. The flower will not mold or turn an ugly brown. It lasts for years. I purposely take fresh flowers and dry them for my clients to give them a memento from their most special memories.

Hence, I am now known in certain elementary circles as the Professional Flower Killer.


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